lundi 20 avril 2015

mfc dialog opens only after mouse move when using QT

I have an interesting issue. My MFC dialog CManageDlg is calling another MFC dialog CmyMfcDlg using this call, on press of a button

    void CManageDlg::OnBnClickedBt()
        CmyMfcDlg ipmfc;
        if ( ipmfc.DoModal() != IDOK )
            return MyError;

Here is :

BOOL CmyMfcDlg ::OnInitDialog() 
    CString tmpStr;

   CDC  dc;

   int  mx = dc.GetDeviceCaps(HORZRES);
   int  my = dc.GetDeviceCaps(VERTRES);
   // lots of initializations 

The problem is once OnBnClickedBt() is triggered by press of a button (ON_BN_CLICKED), CmyMfcDlg wait and does not open until mouse is moved! I do not know how these two are connected. I meant mouse move and opening the dialog.

EDIT: it turns out that this issue only happened when using QT User Interface, if I called the same function using UI written in MFC, it works fine with no problem!

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